No experience or training required to become a Certified Microblading Artist. Many estheticians, hair stylists and even tattoo artists join to expand their clientele. However, anyone can join our class and become a successful Microblading Artist! If you have a passion to learn Microblading then this course is perfect for you. We put our passion and knowledge into our Microblading course. We want our students to be the best and get the most out of their training.

This Course is for people who are
willing to chase their dream of being financially independent!

  • Learn a proven Microblading technique that clients LOVE
  • Receive certified Microblading training hours
  • This is not just theory, our instructor is creating very happy customers now!
  • Get trained by a real professional currently working in the Microblading field with real happy satisfied clients!

Get Trained By a Master No Experience Needed

  • No previous experience NEEDED
  • Microblading Starter kit included
  • Fully licensed and Master Microblading instructor
  • In depth lessons that will prepare you to be a Microblading Artist
  • Every aspect of Microblading covered with this Online Training
  • Receive a Microblading Artist certificate upon completion
  • 6 months access to course
  • Start your own business or start working right after completion

How I Started

My love for eyebrows started with my love for makeup. I've been a makeup artist for years and found out about Permanent Makeup through my own research and fell in love with it! There is nothing like making another person happy and confident.



Abby is a Master Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor with a strong work habit to perfect every special technique in PMU. Many Clients have seen Abby throughout the years and have had positive experiences. She is a dedicated teacher with her main goal, teaching students the best techniques to master Microblading and becoming a successful Microblading Artist.